Fall is such an exciting time of year with pumpkins, holidays, family gatherings, and more! It seems like the perfect time for me to be sharing some exciting news. A lot of new changes are being made at Elizabeth Scovil Handbags!

I just recently hired my first full time digital marketing girls, Paige and Julianna. They are bringing lots of talent to the team, and have helped me launch my new blog design!  I am also delighted to announce that I was granted 501C3 status for my nonprofit, The Elizabeth Scovil Heart Foundation.

In addition, I have recently launched our new fall collection, which features new beautiful vibrant colors. Also, I will be adding new items to my collection that I will be revealing very soon! As you know, heart disease is the driving force behind everything I do. As a survivor, I never wanted another woman to be treated as unfairly as I was when they told me repeatedly it was all in my head, when in reality…it was not. Empowering women of all ages to take better care of their health- and hopefully saving a life or two- brings more joy to me than you will ever know. So, when it came time to start designing my modeling session for my fall collection, I knew I had to represent women of all ages.

Each model in the photo shoot for the fall line are aged from young 20’s to late 60’s. I hope you are as inspired as I am to introduce you to Jana, Terri, Olga, and Claire and our wonderful new fall collection. It has been a long and amazing journey, and it has only just begun!

With Heart,