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It is an Epidemic

One in 30 women will die of all cancers combined.  One in 3 women will die of heart disease. It is a woman’s Number One Killer.

Every 80 seconds a woman is dying of Heart Disease.

Only 19% of women’s hearts are represented in heart studies.

A woman has a  43% higher risk to die the first year following a heart attack than a man does.







The money raised from the sales of Elizabeth Scovil Handbags will support our mission to provide heart medicine for a year for uninsured women.




As a nationally known speaker, Elizabeth travels to share her story to inspire and educate women about the dangers of heart disease.




Thousands of women have been educated on the signs of a heart attack & stroke in women due to Elizabeth Scovil’s warning Sign Cards found in every handbag.

Heart disease and stroke events in women may be 80% prevented with awareness.


You are the extra to ordinary.  Thank you for your recent gift to Florida Hospital Cardiovascular Institute.  Thanks again, we are so lucky to have you on our team.

Nicole , (Florida Hospital)

Thank you for making the time to come & speak to the ladies of First United Methodist Church of Apopka. Our best wishes for your continued success in both business & mission.

Nancy Glenn , (President of United Methodist Women)

Thank you so much for your recent gift to benefit the Florida Hospital Cardiovascular Institute. Your kindness helps Florida Hospital continue to be a quality healthcare provider and a leader in healthcare technology.

Des Cummings, Jr. , President (Florida Hospital Foundation)

Thank You!! Thank You! We appreciate you speaking at our 1st annual Go Red event & look forward to doing this again next year!


Thank you so much for sharing your story on the recent webinar for the Commvault Women in Technology.  Your story is so impactful and inspirational.  I appreciate everything you have done to support the Go red for Women Campaign both here in Denver, but also in Orlando!

Megan Calvert , (American Heart Association-Denver Chapter)

Thank you for your generous donation of the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association’s life savings work. With Heart-felt gratitude…

Mary Bennett, (American Heart Association-Denver Chapter)

Thank you, thank you for introducing us to Elizabeth. She was an amazing speaker and blew everyone away with her story. Truly, an inspiration and fantastic representation of the “Go Red for Women” campaign.   The audience was moved, learned a lot, and many stories emerged from the women in the room.  Elizabeth made the event! Thanks again!


I attended your Heart presentation at First United Methodist Church of Apopka. As I reflect, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it.  You spoke with such passion that I am sure you touched everyone in the room. Your wealth of knowledge and information was outstanding.  You truly have a gift that God has give to you and realizing this, you have decided to make a difference in our world. Hats off to you!! Thank you! Blessings!


Thank you for your generous support. Your generosity towards our silent auction has helped countless children and youth in foster care.

Debbie Leon , (Development Director of Community Based Care of Central Florida)

You are doing so much good for so many. Your company’s generous gift will allow us to provide all the heart medicine for 30 local women for the whole year. Thanks for championing the cause—We need YOU!

Patricia Bornstein , (FL Hospital Cardiovascular Institute)
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