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Determined to make a difference and educate women on the dangers of heart disease, Elizabeth Scovil launched Elizabeth Scovil Handbags and Accessories as a vehicle to prevent heart disease and help save lives. Her stylish and beautifully handcrafted bags and accessories are all made in the United States and come with vital information on detecting, understanding and preventing heart disease. For each sale, Elizabeth Scovil donates a portion of revenues to advocacy and research dedicated to helping women battle heart disease.

A harrowing journey with heart disease paired with a love of fashion inspired Elizabeth to launch her mission to save lives. As a survivor, she wanted to help women better understand heart disease and learn how to prevent the number one killer of women. Elizabeth experienced firsthand the incredibly different way heart disease presents itself in women and the lack of research and understanding women face when it comes to diagnosis and treatment. During her recovery, she created purses as holiday gifts to keep her mind steady. As her friends delighted in the gifts, Elizabeth started receiving requests to purchase the designs. That’s when she realized she had a unique opportunity to help raise awareness.

Elizabeth ScovilElizabeth has made it her life’s work to educate others not only on the prevalence of heart disease, but the multitude of preventative measures available to help women stay healthy. Her advocacy makes a profound impact on the Central Florida community and beyond. Whether orchestrating large-scale campaigns to raise money and awareness for the American Heart Association, sharing her words of empowerment and inspiration to conferences across the country, or visiting women in the hospital to provide encouragement, support and a stylish bag, Elizabeth never falters from her mission to prevent heart disease through education and awareness.

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