A Grandmother’s Heart

Happy Grandparent’s Day!!  We here at Elizabeth Scovil handbags feel so blessed by the many cards, emails, messages, and phone calls that pour in from our fans. We love receiving the encouragement, the thanks, and the kindred Heart Survivor stories.   In honor of this Grandparent’s Day,  we felt it would be special to share this  Grandmother’s incredible heartfelt story where she died from a heart attack in front of her two grandsons, who prayed for her to breathe again. God Bless & Thank you for sharing your story with us Brenda!

Brenda Snyder

A Blessing from God

What started out as a normal family vacation with our two grandchildren ages 5 and 10 suddenly turned into tragedy!  We had gone to visit family in Boston, Massachusetts and decided to spend an entire day on Martha”s Vineyard. After arriving by ferry boat we rented a car and started our journey. We had only been there a couple of hours when I told my family I felt dizzy.  Next thing I remember is angels accompanying me to heaven.   We traveled through a tunnel and the lights were extremely bright.  When the angels and I reached the end of the tunnel, God Was there waiting for us.    He spoke to me and told me my work here on earth wasn’t done yet and that He would have his angels escort me home.

My family shared that I had fallen down to the ground, stopped breathing, and turned blue. My husband who had only seen CPR performed on TV, but started breathing and doing compressions on me.  By chance, a lady who was walking down the street was an off duty ski patrol paramedic who told my husband she knew CPR and took over the compressions for him.  Next the police and paramedics arrived and started an automated external defibrillator (AED) on me. An AED is a portable device that is used to treat sudden cardiac arrest and can send an electric shock to the heart to try to restore a normal rhythm.   I was shocked 4 times with no response. The paramedics were about to give up when my husband cried out to them to shock me “just one more time”.  The paramedics did and suddenly a faint rhythm was detected. The whole time this event was taking place my oldest grandson was shouting,  ‘Shouting’ to God, “Please don’t let my grandmother die”.

I was immediately transported to the hospital on Martha’s Vineyard for stabilization then airlifted over to Massachusetts General where I woke up in intensive care days later with my husband by my side.11938254_934544896618640_536877241_n

However, as I was being airlifted inland my family was still stuck over at Martha’s Vineland because the ferry boat rides had stopped being late in the day, so we wondered how they were ever going to get back. Thankfully, a wonderful social worker arranged for my family to return by a local freighter. I was told it was quite an experience.

This made such an impression on my 10 year old grandson that he wrote about this event in his journal later that school year. I truly believe he became a little man that day because not only did he see his prayer answered that his grandmother came back to life, but in his journal he wrote that he thought to himself, “God don’t let my grandmother die,” when in fact he was screaming this out loud.

I am so thankful to be alive and felt it was a true miracle where I had received a blessing from God.

In my heart I felt a passion to recognize all who had saved my life that day.  To do something for them in some little way. I decided to make plaques for each person who had helped out that day. They were all so joyful to see me alive and well personally delivering them. On the plaque I had engraved the simple words,   “Thanks for helping to save my life”. I was told numerous times that no one has ever done that before.

I was so very excited when I heard about Elizabeth Scovil Handbags and her mission with heart disease that I just had to call her.  I am so impressed that part of her proceeds on the beautiful bags that are hand made with Love, go  to Go Red For Women-an organization that helps education women about heart disease. Also included with every bag is a card that explain the Signs of a Female.   Heart Attack as well as The Signs of a Stroke. My heart was truly touched.