Change is Coming to Elizabeth Scovil Handbags!

Fall is such an exciting time of year with pumpkins, holidays, family gatherings, and more! It seems like the perfect time for me to be sharing some exciting news. A lot of new changes are being made at Elizabeth Scovil Handbags! I just recently hired my first full time digital marketing girls, Paige and Julianna. [...]

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Awareness Can Save Your Life

Did you know that every 80 seconds a woman is dying of Heart Disease? Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women. One in thirty women will die of all cancers combined but 1 in 3 will die of Heart Disease.  The problem lies that only 54% of women recognize that Heart [...]

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Yes, There Are Fun Adventures After Heart Disease

Life after becoming a heart disease victim cuts much deeper than a knife. Depression is not something that can be seen with an x-ray and difficult to heal. I often hear from women who have suffered a heart attack or live with heart disease struggling to rebuild their lives again. I find a common thread [...]

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A Grandmother’s Heart

A Grandmother’s Heart Happy Grandparent’s Day!!  We here at Elizabeth Scovil handbags feel so blessed by the many cards, emails, messages, and phone calls that pour in from our fans. We love receiving the encouragement, the thanks, and the kindred Heart Survivor stories.   In honor of this Grandparent’s Day,  we felt it would be special [...]

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