Did you know that every 80 seconds a woman is dying of Heart Disease?

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women. One in thirty women will die of all cancers combined but 1 in 3 will die of Heart Disease.  The problem lies that only 54% of women recognize that Heart Disease is their number 1 killer.

I believe that bringing awareness to women about this horrible disease can save lives even if it starts with just one woman at a time.  Sadly, the lack of awareness about women’s correlation to HD is also seen in the medical industry. Heart disease symptoms in women are so different than men, which unfortunately leads to the less likeliness of acquiring a correct diagnosis for women.  A woman would be less likely to receive complete lifesaving therapeutic treatment (in regards to a heart attack), due to the lack of a proper diagnosis. According to Dr. Holly Anderson, (a Cardiologist and Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell Medical Center),

“even if you control for all of these variables, a woman will still be more likely to die from her heart attack than a man, and it is the youngest women who have the greatest death discrepancy rates compared to the youngest men.”

Awareness is key to a healthier life. Hopefully  we will be able to change our society’s perception about women in heart disease in the near future and start saving lives.