A few weeks ago, I spoke about some of my favorite fall activities. One of them was decorating for fall. Since it is growing closer and closer to the end of October I have been busy decorating the office with pumpkins and fall items, but that’s not even the best part! We decided we would have a decorating competition. Something you may not know is that my office is located above my  husband’s company, “Ability Wood Flooring”.    Since our teams work in the same building we decide to have a little friendly decorating competition to see who could create the prettier front door display. The Winner gets a free lunch out….So help us win by voting which one is  your favorite photo.

Featured below are the decorations and where we found them:

  • The fun thankful fall inspired ‘art pole’ I found on one of my Walmart runs!
  • The vibrant red and yellow Flowers can be purchased at any local nursery or Home Depot or Lowe’s
  • Our cute checkered welcome mat can be found here!
  • We got our unique orange and white Pumpkins from our local pumpkin patch! It’s always more fun to go running through the mud to find the perfect pumpkin.
  • The Lanterns can be found at Old Time Pottery and can be decorated for any holiday! This time we chose to put some smaller pumpkins inside.


Comment below which decorations you like better by commenting either an R for the picture on the right or an L for the picture on the left. While you are voting don’t forget to tell me what your favorite fall decorations are too! I’d love to connect!

With Heart,