It’s that time of year again when the weather starts to cool down and the leaves on the trees turn from bright green to vibrant reds, oranges, and purples. It’s when the sun sets a little earlier making our long summer days fade away as we fall back in time. It’s time for pumpkin spice lattes, apple cider, pumpkin patches, hay rides… and these are just a few of my favorite things! We all have many things that we look forward to each season. I could go on and on about my fall favorites, but I’ll keep it to just five!

  1. The Weather: While I live in Florida now, I grew up in New Hampshire. I remember how the giant maple tree limbs stretched to the fall sky; their green leaves turning red, orange, yellow, and purple as if they were setting the sky on fire. I remember that whenever I would walk through the streets I could feel the leaves that had broken free and laid delicately on the ground crunch beneath my boots. Florida gives us a day or two where we can pretend it’s fall, but I still close my eyes and pretend I’m in my childhood hometown when every season greets me at my doorstep.
  2. Decorations: Fall decorations were always a favorite in our home. It kicked off with Halloween, but we had a different meaning for that day in our home. It marked a special moment in our lives because it was my dad’s birthday. My birthday was supposed to be on Halloween as well, but I was a week late being born on November 7th.  My grandfather decided that I would certainly be a girl since I was being stubbornly late! One must know that I was the first girl in 32 years, so they were overly hopeful to have another girl in the family. My dad loved celebrating his birthday, especially since so many trick or treaters showed up for candy.  He claimed they came for his birthday party! We focused on his celebration of life more than Halloween, so the day was more about a birthday rather than scary things.
  3. Pumpkin Patches: Heading off to the pumpkin patch was an amazing family tradition. It’s hard to beat hay rides, corn mazes, and warm apple cider on a cool day. Apple picking is something I truly miss while living in Florida. I have so many fond memories of my family taking our chocolate Labrador Retriever, who probably ate as many apples as I picked!
  4. Fall Clothes: Here in Florida it rarely cools down for long, but any chance I get I throw on my favorite sweater, jeans/leggings, and boots. Boots are my favorite fall footwear! One of my favorite pairs is from L.L. Bean. You can check out their latest styles here! I never pass up a cool day to get to wear them here in Florida. They’re also my perfect fall essential for when I visit home in New Hampshire.
  5. Recipes: Fall recipes come back into season, and I can’t help but get excited for Thanksgiving and all the new foods I can try and make. I can’t wait to read Joanna Gaines’ new cook book, and another one of my favorite chefs, Paula Deen, just released 8 Cozy Autumn Recipes!

Since the list could go on and on, these are just a few of my favorite fall things! That’s why I want to hear from you. What are your favorite fall traditions?

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With Heart,