Since it is National Chocolate Day I found it only fitting to announce the launch of Lily’s Chocolates! Lily’s Chocolates is inspired by my chocolate lab Lily as well as my fight against heart disease. Lily decided that she felt left out when she saw all of my handbags and the fun we were having. She wanted to make a difference too. So we decided to launch Lily’s Chocolates to show women that there is life after heart disease. To show them that chocolate was still a very real possibility.

Lily and I went on to research it and found that according to Harvard Medical, eating dark chocolate is good for our heart. “People who eat more chocolate lower their rates of heart attacks, heart failure, and Atrial Fibrillation (AF).”

We also found while curled up on the couch that according to The Mayo Clinic, Dr. Carolyn Landolfo shares, “We do know that real dark chocolate has some protective effects on the heart, and that it’s not harmful.”

So please welcome our new line, “Lily’s 72% Heart Healthy Dark Chocolates”

Click here to learn more and order your Lily’s Chocolates today!

Lily has helped me to stay healthy and now so will her chocolates. Please comment below and share your story with heart disease. How do you continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Happy National Chocolate Day!

With Heart,

Elizabeth ?